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What is Intuition Medicine®?

Intuition Medicine® is a healing modality whereby intuition is used to perceive the energy anatomy of another. It is intended to promote health and balance while increasing the effectiveness of other treatments for body, mind and spirit.

How is Intuition Medicine® Used?

I use Intuition Medicine® to:

  • assess and recognize your current state of health
  • clear energy blockages and balance your energy system

My Method

I integrate Intuition Medicine® throughout my work. Whether choosing supplements, testing protocol, or nutritional recommendations, Intuition Medicine® helps me understand your unique energy anatomy. This enables me to choose the best course of action for your highest healing potential.

I incorporate and teach energy medicine practices such as meditation and grounding. These practices give you the tools to care for your own energy system.

Intuition Medicine®:

Vivian's work with me has been invaluable. My digestion and overall energy level are much improved. I particularly appreciate Vivian's intuitive ability.

Because she intuits and reads my energy field she gets to the heart of the matter quite quickly. She brings a wealth of knowledge, (mind, body and spirit) to the table.

-Peggy, Intuition Medicine® client, Berkeley, CA

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