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What is Neuro-Nutrient Therapy?

Neuro-Nutrient Therapy deeply nourishes the brain and body by providing your system with essential amino acids. Amino acids particularly target and nourish the neurotransmitters which help stabilize brain chemistry as well as regulate mood. This overall balance in brain and body calms the stress response and restores a sense of well being.

Who benefits from Neuro-Nutrient Therapy?

By balancing brain chemistry, Neuro-Nutrient Therapy can help those with:

  • anxiety
  • mild depression
  • eating disorders
  • recovery from addiction
  • sleep disturbance
  • panic attacks

My Method

To begin, I give you a neuro-nutrient questionnaire to fill out and bring to your appointment. This helps me pinpoint which amino acids may be the most beneficial to you. While you are in the office, I test different amino acids and can often tell within 10 minutes which ones work best for you. During the first week I monitor your progress to make sure you are receiving the intended healing effects.

Neuro-Nutrient Therapy:

I consulted Vivian for help with depression and severe mood swings related to peri-menopause, hoping was to avoid prescription anti-depressants.

With the customized schedule she created, my caffeine consumption soon dropped by half, my mood swings were less severe, and I was sleeping better. Best of all, I was rebuilding my brain chemistry with natural amino acids rather than depending on a pharmaceutical.

Vivian is knowledgeable and compassionate - I have recommended her to countless friends and acquaintances.

-Anna, Neuro-Nutrient Therapy client, Mill Valley, CA

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