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Nutrition, nutritional consultant, nutritionist in Marin and San Francisco

Nutritional Consultation
Without a knowledgeable resource, knowing what to eat can be confusing. Without a compassionate guide, making changes in diet and lifestyle can be overwhelming. I can be your nutritional resource and guide on your path to better health.

I believe that wellness can be achieved through a comfortable, gradual process of:

  • uncovering imbalances, deficiencies and food sensitivities
  • setting and achieving attainable goals
  • learning about delicious, healthful new food choices
  • incorporating lifestyle changes that fortify body, mind and spirit


I work with adults and children to identify nutritional solutions that can help resolve the underlying causes of health imbalances and strengthen your body's natural healing systems. I will work in partnership with you to set and reach mutually-agreed-upon health and wellness goals.

Creating Your Program
Prior to your first appointment, you will receive a comprehensive questionnaire covering your health, exercise and nutritional history. We will review your completed questionnaire together, discuss your issues and concerns, and then shape a plan to meet your goals.

Your customized program includes a summary of your best food choices and beneficial supplements, herbs and drainage remedies based on your lifestyle and nutritional needs.

I'm available to answer questions as you follow your new program. At follow-up appointments, we will review your goals and progress, make appropriate adjustments and maintain your focus.

There's a difference between allergies and intolerances
Food sensitivities fall into two categories: allergies and intolerances.

Food allergies occur when the body's immune system mistakenly identifies certain components in foods as harmful, and produces antibodies against them. Many people experience an immediate reaction even when eating small amounts of these foods.

Food intolerances occur when your digestive system responds negatively to a specific food because there is a lack of digestive enzymes or the presence of a chemically active component. Intolerances are harder to identify than food allergies because reaction to the food can take place up to four days after ingestion.

I will help to identify the foods triggering your allergies or intolerances, and advise you on the best foods to replace them.

Severe Allergies

I visited Vivian seeking help with my constant severe allergy symptoms of sneezing, sinus congestion, and overall lack of energy. She identified a myriad of food and environmental sensitivities.

With her comprehensive, attentive, and gentle approach, I was able to remove the trouble-makers from my diet and surroundings within a few weeks. I have regained my energy, eliminated the severe allergy symptoms, and have a healthier diet.

Vivian's warmth and caring creates a very rewarding relationship. Not only have I gained back my health, I've also made a new friend!

-E., BioSET client, Oakland, CA

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